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Advanced Fiber Laser (AFL) Conference
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  The International “Advanced Fiber Laser (AFL)”Conference is a preeminent special conference for fiber laser, bringing together professionals engaged in advanced fiber laser to make academic communications, and providing a platform for scientists and engineers to present prospective viewpoint and probe into key technologies.The themes of the conference include the wide range of fields for fiber laser research and applications, such as fiber and fiber based device, high power fiber laser, ultrafast fiber laser and nonlinear fiber optics, mid-infrared fiber laser and fiber supercontinuum, fiber laser combination, and fiber laser application, as well as a selection of fourpropelledspecial sessions, including Young Scientist Forum, Simulation Software for Fiber Laser, Industrial Application Forum for Fiber Laser and Best Student Paper Award Competition. More details can be found on the AFL Conference website. It's our great honor to invite you to participate in this great event.  



  Honorary Chairs: 

Shouhuan Zhou 


Chinese Academy of Engineering, China

Dianyuan Fan 

Chinese Academy of Engineering, China

  General Chair: 

Jinbao Chen 


National University of Defense Technology, China


  General Co-chairs: 

Chun Tang 


Institute of Applied Electronics, China Academy of Engineering Physics, China

Feng Jing 


Laser Fusion Research Center, China

Jun Zhou 


Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, CAS, China

Ping Yan 


Tsinghua University, China

Pu Wang  


Beijing University of Technology, China

Wei Shi 


Tianjin University, China

Zhongmin Yang 


South China University of Technology, China


  Technical Program Committee: 



Johan Nilsson 


University of Southampton, UK

Pu Wang  


Beijing University of Technology, China

Pu Zhou 


National University of Defense Technology, China

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